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7.5" Football Trophy

Was £10.50, now £5.25

39 in stock


5" Football Trophy

Was £8.50, now £4.25

8 in stock



Star Riser 95mm £2.49 

Medals and Ribbons

50mm Gold Adaptable Medal (SOA2)

70 in stock

35p each

55mm Cycling Medal Antique Gold (code SOCM)

47 in stock

30p each

50mm Gold Running Medal (code SOR1)

98 in stock

25p each

55mm 'Glow in the Dark' Running Medal (code SOR2)

40 in stock

40p each

45mm Running Medal with ribbon as shown (code SOR3)

5 in stock

20p each

45mm Running Medal (code SOR4) 

10 x G/S/B in stock

25p each

45mm Running Medal (code SOR5)

5in stock

20p each

50mm Swimming Medal (code SOS2)

2 x Antique Gold, 9 x Antique Copper in stock

25p each

50mm Swimming Medal (code SOG1)

42 x Gold inc ribbons in stock

49p each

50mm Victory Medal (code SOV1)

12 in stock

35p each


22mm Woven Ribbon with Gold Bar (code SOWR)

20 x Red/White/Blue

19 x Blue/White

7 x Blue/Red

9 x Black/White

3 x Green

2 x Green/White

10 x Green/Yellow

5 x Black/Red

10p each


18" x 24" Correx Signs

Yellow/Black Vinyl


£2.50 each

14 Available - whilst stocks last


Anti Touch key for use with things like card machines, ATM's, door handles where you don't want to touch the item.  Can be added to your keys or bag with keyring attachment.  Last few remaining @ £1.50 each.


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